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About Sally Chopping Public speaking and coaching experience.

Private Coaching Coaching sessions to improve your public speaking and communication skills.

A Speaker for Your Event Professional speaker services. Humor, motivational and keynote.

Public Speaking Tips Communication and presentation tips. Public speaking advice.

Public Speaking group training Public speaking training classes for corporate clients

Public classes Public speaking training classes for the general public

Contact the coach contact professional speaker, Sally Chopping.

Public speaking tips

Toastmaster clubs in Pittsburgh. Toastmasters is a great place to practice your public speaking in a supportive environment

Chopping down the fear of public speaking Tips to overcome fear of public speaking.

Humor tips How to use humor effectively in your speech

Great books about public speaking Recommended books to improve your public speaking skills

Job Interview Workshops
Interview skill tips. Answer interview questions and turn your next interview into a job. PITTSBURGH Classes open to the public

PowerPoint Humor Humor about the way professionals use PowerPoint incorrectly

Training and coaching classes held in Pittsburgh

Coaching Works Experience a free coaching session. Event sponsored by the Greater Pittsburgh Coaches Association.

Discover Your Funny Bone Learn how to use humor and write a humorous speech

Acting for Public Speakers Professional speakers will improve their presentations by learning acting skills.

Promote your business Business speakers use powerful public speaking to win new clients

Public Speaking Charisma Communication skills for dynamic presentations

Vocal Varity Workshop Voice skills to make presentations effective

Write a Speech in 15 minutes Business training for quick and effective speech writing

Public Speaking Training Pittsburgh classes in public Speaking that are available NOW

Toastmaster Conference Toastmasters District 40 Fall Conference

Entrepreneurial Thursdays Dowes on Ninth in Pittsburgh is the place for business networking on Thursdays!

Teleclass How to add humor to your life. A telephone training seminar

Job interview presentation tips

Interview Home Improve your interview skills.

Interview Coaching Private coaching to improve your interviewing skills

Interview Workshops Group coaching for great interviewing skills

Interview Preparation List Tip for preparing for the interview.

Tell me about yourself How to answer the most common interview question.

Ask yourself these questions Convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job.

General interview questions Interview practice questions.

Sales interview questions Interview practice questions for sales people.

Sales company research Get ready to interview for a sales job.

Interview body language Interview tips: Body language

Make a good impression Non-verbal communication for job interviews.

College interview tips Tips for making a great impression at the college interview.

Sally Chopping
Public Speaking Coach

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