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Discover Your Funny Bone
How to write a Humorous Speech

45 minute workshop

This is a practical and fun workshop in which you will discover how to write a humorous speech. We will cover the following areas:

  • Where to find a humorous topic 
  • How to build the topic into a humorous story
  • Humorous performance techniques

If you think you can't be funny, then this class is for you. Sally will show you how to find humorous topics based on your own life experiences and how to develop a topic into a hilarious speech. At the beginning of the seminar, most of the participants are at a loss as to how to begin. They claim that nothing funny has ever happened to them and that they are just not funny! But discovering humor is all about looking at things in the right way. This workshop will change your perspective. You will start to look at life from a humorous angle and you will discover your funny bone.

This workshop is popular at schools and business conferences. To learn more, call 412-478-6785 or email

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