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Learn acting skills that will transform your tedious talk into a powerful presentation

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Improve Your Vocal Variety
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Toastmaster Regional Conference
Saturday, June 18, 11 a.m. - 12 noon
Pittsburgh Marriot City Center
112 Washington Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Want to add vocal variety to your speeches but not sure how? Using Method Acting techniques, Sally Chopping shows you how to analyze your speech to see where and how changes in vocal tone will enhance it. After the workshop you will know exactly how to put vocal variety into your speeches and how to make a dull script sound dynamic.

The workshop is part of the Toastmaster International Regional Conference. For more information about the conference, visit the Toastmaster website at For more information about attending this workshop call Sally Chopping at (412) 478-6785 or send email to

Here are comments from the students who attended the last workshop: 

“Very specific, easy to follow and understand. I can definitely apply this to my speaking.”

“One simple, powerful technique was taught.”

“New concept in approaching vocal variety – using beats to express feeling. Outstanding.”

“Simple concept, covered in sufficient detail to learn something useful. I liked the sense of BALANCE between info. and example/discussion.”

“A real technique was presented that can be practiced. Excellent!”

“Live examples and participations from the audience. Useful techniques and reasons behind them.”

“Hints and techniques that will really help my speeches.”

“Very useful information.”

“Sally knows her topic and led us well.”

“Excellent! Found the method.”

“I liked the great examples.”

“The technique was easy to learn and is very applicable.”

“Learning about beats and the lists of “I've” emotions helped.”

“I liked the instructions and examples. Great job of involving the audience.”

“Tips given were very valuable and easy to learn.”

“Excellent guide for understanding the power of vocal inflection and great practical process for getting better at it.”

“MEANINGFUL, can be USED in all my writing needs in addition to speeches.”

“The simple techniques used during the session-it really adds interest and excitement to your words and makes sense to use this for speeches.”

For more information call 412-478-6785 or email

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