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Public speaking training in Pittsburgh
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Public speaking coaching in Pittsburgh
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Training and coaching in Pittsburgh for public speaking

Pubic Speaking Coaching in Pittsburgh

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Public speaking classes coaching and training in Pittsburgh



Public Speaking Training Classes
in Pittsburgh

Taught by two award winning public speakers, Sally Chopping and Barbara Holmes

Public Speaking for Women

If you are fed up with being turned down for promotion or being ripped off by your auto mechanic you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself because your communication style encourages male prejudice . This workshop will look at the differences in communication styles between men and women and give you skills to bridge the gap.
Find out more about the "Public Speaking for Women" workshop

Painless Public Speaking

Have you ever sat in an impersonal workshop for 30 or more people and listened to a presenter tell you theories about how to improve your personal skills? And haven't you yearned for a little one-on-one coaching or at least a chance to practice what is being preached? If after that experience you left feeling that you should have stayed home and just bought the book, then the "Painless Public Speaking Class" might just be more what you are looking for.
Find out more about the Painless Public Speaking Class

First Impressions Count: Communication Skills for Teens

In this world of high technology the simple art of conversation has been put on the back burner and yet it is crucial to ignite your future success. Fire up your thoughts and learn how to think on your feet in any situation and talk your way to the top.
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