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Top Ten Reasons for Using Power Point

10) It gives you security. If your mind goes blank you can just read off the screen.

9) It makes you look professional. Impressive graphics will fool them into thinking that you are an expert on your topic

8) You become invisible. They will look at the screen and not you so they wonít notice that you are sweating.

7) Voice volume won't matter. So what if the people at the back canít hear: They can just read off the slides.

6) They will be able to follow everything. It doesnít matter what you say, the slides will keep them on track.

5) It keeps them awake. Your boring monotonous tone wonít matter because the visuals will stimulate them.

4) They absorb information quickly. Shove lots of information onto the slides. Rule: When you use PowerPoint, multiply the amount of information you give by 63.

3) You never run out of time. When you get to the end of the hour you can just flip through the slides more quickly.

2) No need to rehearse. Youíll be able to just look at the slides and talk.

1) And the number one reason for using PowerPoint is...........YOU CAN BE A TERRIBLE SPEAKER. And they wonít even notice!

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