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Pittsburgh, USA

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Pubic Speaking Coaching in Pittsburgh

Improve your public speaking with acting techniques from award winning humorous motivational speaker Sally Chopping

Book your public speaking coaching session in Pittsburgh today and go from dull to dynamic!

Public speaking classes coaching and training in Pittsburgh

Public Speaking Training Classes
Pittsburgh, USA

Public speaking training should be full of demonstrations and interaction so that participants can see exactly what to do in order to make an immediate improvement to their public speaking skills. It should be fun so that participants who have a fear of public speaking are inspired to join in and try out new techniques in front of the class. It should be taught by an award winning public speaker who can show participants new methods for improving their body language and vocal sound, and how to  organize a  presentation that gets to the point, stays on track and gets results.

If this is the type of public speaking training you are looking for, contact Sally Chopping to find out how she can customize a training class for your company.

Public speaking classes can be conducted on your premises. Sally Chopping is based in Pittsburgh and presents training classes in the US and Britain.

Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Public speaking classes are always customized

Sally prepares each public speaking training session based on the type of presentations that participants will actually be giving in the future so class exercises and examples are always customized using the materials and PowerPoint slides that class participants present during their work at their company. Every element of the class is designed with your company in mind and for the type of public speaking challenges that your employees face.

Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping


The Sally Chopping difference

Sally has an acting background and has adapted many of the techniques that actors use to help public speakers project confidence and improve their body language. Her teaching is very specific: she will show people how to improve and exactly what to do, instead of just giving vague and unhelpful criticism. 

Public speaking can be daunting and difficult for most people but that does not mean that training can not be fun! Sally's classes are always an exciting experience that keeps everybody involved and eager to learn more. She is an award winning public speaker who believes that people learn best when they are involved, entertained and can see immediate results.

Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Pittsburgh public speaking coaching

For information about private coaching to improve the public speaking skills of one of your key executives, call ACTING FOR BUSINESS in Pittsburgh at 412-478-6788.

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Bring an award winning British motivational keynote speaker to your convention without paying any travel expenses!

Call public speaker, Sally Chopping today to discuss how she can customize the perfect keynote speech for you. Phone Pittsburgh (412) 478-6785 or send email to

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Participants comments about the vocal variety technique that was  taught in their public speaking training session:

“A real technique was presented that can be practiced. Excellent!”

“Very specific, easy to follow and understand. I can definitely apply this to my speaking.”

“Excellent guide for understanding the power of vocal inflection and great practical process for getting better at it.”

“The simple techniques used during the session-it really adds interest and excitement to your words and makes sense to use this for speeches.”

“Excellent! Found the method.”

“Simple concept, covered in sufficient detail to learn something useful. I liked the sense of BALANCE between info. and example/discussion.”

“One simple, powerful technique was taught.”

“Live examples and participations from the audience. Useful techniques and reasons behind them.”

“Hints and techniques that will really help my speeches.”

“Very useful information.”

“I liked the great examples.”

“The technique was easy to learn and is very applicable.”

“MEANINGFUL, can be USED in all my writing needs in addition to speeches.”

“New concept in approaching vocal variety – using beats to express feeling. Outstanding.”

“Tips given were very valuable and easy to learn.”

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