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Pubic Speaking Coaching in Pittsburgh

Improve your public speaking with acting techniques from award winning humorous motivational speaker Sally Chopping

Book your public speaking coaching session in Pittsburgh today and go from dull to dynamic!

Public speaking classes coaching and training in Pittsburgh

Keynote Speaking

Sally Chopping is a motivational speaker who delivers her message with HUMOR. She is British and lives in Pittsburgh. Bring an award winning keynote speaker from Britain to your convention without paying international travel expenses!


Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Listening Skills Keynote Speech

Very few people have had listening skills training and the result is that not only are people bad listeners but they are bad speakers too because they fail to take into account the poor listening skills of the people they are talking to and don’t arrange their words in a way that can be easily remembered. This keynote will transform your communication skills. It will not only change how you listen but it will also change how you talk! You will learn about the principals that govern the way that people listen and be shown how to use those principals to make sure that people absorb what you say. Your listening skills will improve because you will learn how to recognize and fix your own bad listening habits and your speaking skills will improve because you will know how to get through to people and make your ideas heard.

This is not a dry monotonous talk that insults people by telling them that they don’t listen because they are self-centered people who should concentrate more! Instead it is a lively, entertaining and enlightening speech that will give you new insights into how our brains react to the information we hear. You will laugh, learn and leave with knowledge you can put to use immediately to transform your communication skills.

For comments about Sally's Listening Skills speech see the column on the right.

Formats for this motivational Listening Skills presentation:

Sally Chopping’s presentation can transform the listening skills of employees at all levels of your company, including groups of top executives. She will customize the speech to fit the exact needs of your company and she has given listening skills keynotes, breakout sessions and training classes for many different types of organizations including The Air National Guard, Consol Energy and the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association.


Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Go from Dull to Dynamic
How to influence and lead others when you speak in front of a group.  

Countless hours are being wasted in corporate America because so many people are putting their colleges to sleep while they give an ineffective presentation that no one can concentrate on. This lively and instructive keynote will make a drastic improvement to the public speaking skills of your employees. It shows how lessons learned from screen directors and actors can be applied to improve the structure and delivery of a masterful public speech. Participants will be shown how to communicate more effectively by organizing their thoughts clearly, focusing on their objectives and keeping an eye on the impression they are making.

Organizations that have hired Sally to present speeches on the topic of improving public speaking skills include KPMG, The Pennsylvania Society of Directors in Healthcare and Toyota Motor Corporation


Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Humor is the Antidote for Stress

Use humor to cut through negative thoughts and put your problems in perspective. Humor enhances creativity and reduces stress. This enlightening speech is innovative, practical and highly humorous. It takes a serious look at the benefits of humor and shows you how to develop the skill to use humor effectively and appropriately in business and whenever you deal with a crisis. Dwight Eisenhower said "Humor is part of the art of leadership, of getting along with people, of getting things done." This keynote presentation will show you why laughter is so essential for leadership and for building strong relationships. You will learn how the brain processes humor, how a joke is constructed and how to find ways to add laughter to your life.

Sally has taught humor classes at Point Park University in Pittsburgh and here are some of the organizations that have hired Sally to present her "Humor is the Antidote for Stress" speech : The United States Postal Service, PricewaterhouseCoopers, The Hillman Cancer Center, Howard Hanna Real Estate, The Hospital Council of Western PA, The Allegheny Agency on Aging, Comfort Keepers and The Society for Marketing Professionals.

For comments from participants at Sally's "Humor is the Antidote for Stress" presentation see the panel on the right.


Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Chopping Down the
Fear of Public Speaking

According to the book of lists, most people say that their number one fear is the fear of public speaking and that it is more terrifying than the fear of death! Follow along on a humorous journey as Sally Chopping tells you about the steps she took to vanquish her own fear. You will gain valuable insights into what makes speaking in front of a group so terrifying and get tips on how to start chopping down your own fear of public speaking.

Organizations that have hired Sally to present this speech include US Airways, Toyota Motor Corporation and Meridian Communications.


"Your speech entitled "Chopping Down the Fear of Public Speaking" was enlightening, educational and entertaining! You provided many practical tips and techniques that will be helpful as we prepare for future business presentations and upcoming meetings."

Lori S. Putnam, PHR Supervisor, Inflight Administration USAirways

"Your speech on Chopping Down the Fear of Public Speaking was extremely insightful and entertaining."

Anna Sarish, Co-Chair, Pittsburgh Speaker Series USAirways - Professional Women's Group


Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

What Did You Say!:
Become fluent in the non-verbal language of body movements and voice sound.

This keynote speech will clue you in to the secrets of body language. Even though we may not realize it, every conversation we have is effected by the unconscious non-verbal messages that we display. If you get those messages wrong you will alienate the other person. If you get those messages right you will build empathy.  Learn how to recognize subtle changes in body position and voice sound so that you are better at understanding other people and be a better leader who always conveys the right message.

Sally has presented this speech for organizations that include Comcast and the Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania and she was the body language expert that appeared several times on Pittsburgh's FOX Channel 11 News to analyze Ben Roethlisberger's body language when he faced misconduct allegations.


Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping

Standup Comedy

When you need to show your appreciation for your clients, volunteers or stressed out workers one of the best ways to do it is to get them all laughing together as they experience a hilarious comedy show from humorist Sally Chopping. Sally Chopping's sense of humor is highly contagious and completely clean. All she needs is a microphone and she is ready to perform at a luncheon event or up on the stage during your annual conference. For more information about Sally's humorous performances, go to


Pittsburgh Convention Center planners
Bring an award winning British motivational keynote speaker to your convention without paying any travel expenses!

Call public speaker, Sally Chopping today to discuss how she can customize the perfect keynote speech for you.
Phone Pittsburgh (412) 478-6785 or send email to

"I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants."

Dave Jakielo, Past President of the National Speakers Association, Pittsburgh

LISTENING SKILLS SPEECH Comments written on conference evaluation forms by participants at Sally's presentation on January 12, 2013:

“She is extremely motivating. Loved her.”

“Really enjoyed speech. Sally was dynamic and entertaining and memorable.”

“Sally was terrific! I could have listened to Sally for another hour!”

“Enlightening speaker and motivator.”

“Great session – common sense brought into the spotlight. Biggest takeaway: LISTEN IN THEIR MIND –NOT YOURS.”

“I never considered to pay attention to my audience’s body language. Great concept. Presented wonderfully! Talented speaker.”

“Excellent session!”

“The most important thing I will take away is the idea of “maps” I will watch who I am looking at in a meeting with a new perspective.”

“The remembering words challenge was great. She was excellent. I’m glad that I attended this session.”

“Biggest take away: How important the first few minutes of a speech is and how important the non-verbals are to the speech. I liked it very much, it kept our attention and reinforced the message so I shall remember the take-away for a long time.”


“I will pay more attention to reinforcing my points. She was great, interesting and useful topic. Thanks”

“Biggest take away: HOW TO USE LISTENING SKILLS to be a better listener and to be a better speaker. Excellent and well done!!“


“Biggest takeaway: The point about “thinking that all roads lead to us” is one of my Biggest Pitfalls in any format. Thank you for this speech!”


“Her simple straightforward, humorous delivery presented good take away ideas. Very useful tips. Body language section was presented beautifully and proved her point well. Thank you!”

“Excellent. Sally is a great model of what she teaches, Superb job of keeping the audience involved.”

“I will now take into account my audience’s body language to help me “guide” my speech in a direction that will help me keep my audience involved and attentive. I liked injection of Comedy! Very informative.”


“I will try to make personal connections in any talk. It was very useful. I will keep to the 30 second rule in my speeches and presentations. I will have people do leg work for me. It was excellent.”

“Biggest take away: Try and listen to other people’s point of view; listen/look at their maps – not just your own. Fantastic session!”

HUMOR is the ANTIDOTE for STRESS A few comments from  conference evaluation forms:

"It was perfect!"

"Very funny and smart."

"Very interesting and helpful."

"Enjoyed it. Found her very enlightening"

"A wonderful session. Done very well!"

"Thank you!"

"Great. Great!"

"Very funny and informative"

"Wonderful session!"

"GREAT. Highlight of my day."

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