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Pittsburgh, USA

with award winning public speaker
Sally Chopping

Laugh while you learn!

Bring an exciting, interactive, skill building public speaking workshop to your convention, conference or meeting. Participants will love Sally Chopping's delightful British accent and dynamic teaching style. They will laugh and have fun as they learn how to improve their presentation skills.

Breakout session topics:

Increase Your Vocal Variety

Do you sound monotonous when you give a speech? This breakout session will teach you a revolutionary new method for improving your vocal delivery. You will learn how to analyze a script and see exactly where the changes in vocal inflection should be. This is an effective, practical method that will make an immediate difference to the way you sound. The workshop is a lively combination of instruction and audience participation that gets results. Read the side panel on this page to see the enthusiastic comments from the last group of conference participants.

Discover Your Funny Bone

A practical and fun workshop in which you will discover how to write a humorous speech based on your own experience. It covers the following areas:

  • How to come up with humorous material
  • How to build it into a hilarious speech
  • How to deliver it so that you get laughs.

If you think you can't be funny, you will love this breakout session. At the beginning most of the participant claim that nothing funny has ever happened to them but by the end they have completely changed their minds. Sally Chopping, two-time winner of the Toastmaster International Humorous Speech Championships, will show you how to see life from a humorous perspective and discover your funny bone.

Comments from participants:

"I thought the class was outstanding. Wonderful. Content was great and well presented. I thought the whole class was great."

"The class was very easy to understand, clear, and concise. The whole presentation was valuable to me. Thanks!"

"Dynamic, interesting, and inspirational."

"I found the content enjoyable and informative. I think Sally is a very dynamic speaker."

"Very informative and helpful."

"Very thorough and valuable. Instructor's capacity to be flexible around content based on audience input was smooth and impressive. Thank you very much!"


More Breakout Session Topics

Any of Sally's keynote speeches can be presented in a workshop format as a breakout session for your conference. Learn more about Sally's  Keynote speeches

Comments from participants at the last "Vocal Variety" breakout session:

“One simple, powerful technique was taught.”

“New concept in approaching vocal variety – using beats to express feeling. Outstanding.”

“Excellent guide for understanding the power of vocal inflection and great practical process for getting better at it.”

“MEANINGFUL, can be USED in all my writing needs in addition to speeches.”

“A real technique was presented that can be practiced. Excellent!”

“Very specific, easy to follow and understand. I can definitely apply this to my speaking.”

“Simple concept, covered in sufficient detail to learn something useful. I liked the sense of BALANCE between info. and example/discussion.”

“Excellent! Found the method.”

“Live examples and participations from the audience. Useful techniques and reasons behind them.”

“Hints and techniques that will really help my speeches.”

“Very useful information.”

“I liked the great examples.”

“The technique was easy to learn and is very applicable.”

“Learning about beats and the lists of “I've” emotions helped.”

“Sally knows her topic and led us well.”

“I liked the instructions and examples. Great job of involving the audience.”

“Tips given were very valuable and easy to learn.”

“The simple techniques used during the session-it really adds interest and excitement to your words and makes sense to use this for speeches.”

Pittsburgh Coach Sally Chopping



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