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Training and coaching in Pittsburgh for public speaking

Pubic Speaking Coaching in Pittsburgh

Improve your public speaking with acting techniques from award winning speaker Sally Chopping

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Public speaking coaching
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Do you have an important presentation coming up that you would like to make just a little more dynamic? Are you terrified because you must give a speech for the first time? No matter what your level of experience, Sally Chopping can make a difference. She will assess your strengths and weaknesses and show you how to become an effective and powerful  communicator. Her coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs. She will address your immediate problems and find solutions that capitalize on your natural speaking style.

Here are some examples of public speaking problems that Sally Chopping can help you solve:

public speaking coaching

After giving a speech, you have a question and answer session in which you don't want to be blindsided.

We will rehearse how you respond to difficult questions, make sure that you have prepared for every area of questioning, and that you can maintain your confidence and control of the audience. The question and answer session is an opportunity to interact with your audience in a dynamic and personal way. Many communicators give a great speech and then ruin it all by handling the question and answer session badly. Make sure that your response to questions is immediate and effective. Learn techniques that will insure your success.

business presentation trainingYou must give a long presentation that lasts for several hours. You feel great at the beginning but half way through your voice feels strained and you can't maintain your energy level.

A great presentation must be great all the way through! Learn how to maintain the audience's interest and keep your enthusiasm. We will examine your presentation techniques, your vocal ability and the organization of your material. Find out how to become a dynamic speaker with staying power. 

fear of public speakingYou have been promoted and your new responsibilities include making presentations but you are afraid of of public speaking. You have no idea how to begin organizing your material and you are afraid that your performance will be monotonous and wooden.

Sally Chopping will take you through the steps that will result in a powerful presentation. Don't let the fear of public speaking stall your career.

Pittsburgh Coach Sally ChoppingCoaching can be scheduled during the day, evening or weekends. To book a coaching session in the Pittsburgh area or if you have questions, call 412-478-6785 or email Sally Chopping


Recommendation from Helen Kissick
Director, Training and Development, NOVA Chemicals Inc.

"Sally Chopping has delivered 5 public speaking / presentation skills classes to our team at NOVA Chemicals over the past year. The participant feedback has been resoundingly positive. Sally has provided practical, no nonsense, individualized feedback for the class participants in both written and verbal form. They in turn apply this feedback in their speeches and presentations, and you can instantly see the positive progress in ability to communicate effectively and capture the audience’s attention. Sally is a consummate professional with a delightful approach. I highly recommend Sally for anyone eager to improve their ability to speak and present."


Recommendation from coaching client Fred Buro
Chief Marketing Officer, MTR Gaming Group:

"Sally deeply engages in understanding the context of any project. She will develop a comprehensive needs based program built upon her understanding of a specific circumstance against how to unleash the bridled confidence and passion of her client. Her programs are developed based upon the realtime needs and circumstances of her client and by accurately assessing a client's skill set - and that is built upon a lifetime of experience and a severe passion for what she does. Sally Chopping delivers results."

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