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Sally Chopping
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Interview SkillsInterview Skills

Ace the interview workshops

Learn how to build rapport, emphasize your skills, overcome objections and motivate the interviewer to hire you. Each of the following workshops lasts one hour and highlights a winning approach to a common interview problem. The cost for each workshop is only $12! To receive the current schedule, email or phone (412) 478-6785

Workshops in the Pittsburgh area:

"Tell me about yourself."
This is the most common question that is asked at a job interview. Your answer should be tailored to fit the specific job you are applying for. Learn how to prepare a powerful response.

Interview Practice.
This is a dynamic interactive workshop in which each participant pretends that they are at an interview and practices responding to questions. It is a friendly supportive atmosphere that makes the practice fun. Attend this workshop so that you can respond quickly to tough questions and make an interviewer eager to hire you.

The Apprentice Interviewing Mistakes
Take a look at the mistakes made by Nick, Amy, Bill and Kwame when they were interviewed by Donald Trump's tough top executives on a final episode of "The Apprentice". Laugh at their errors and find out what they should have done. This is an exciting and fun way to prepare yourself for a top level interview.

Job Interview Etiquette
Do you know how to find out the correct pronunciation of your interviewer's name? Do you know how to make small talk? Do you have a great handshake? Learn the nuts and bolts of perfect interview poise.

Six Big Interview Sins
There are six big mistakes that will ruin your chances of being hired. Are you making one of them? Find out what they are and how to avoid them.

Build Rapport with Your Interviewer
You win the job when you establish rapport with your interviewer. But how do you establish rapport when questions are being fired at you? Learn how to establish a connection and convince the interviewer that you have the right personality for the job.

"Why are you the best person for the job?
Before you answer this question you must know exactly what the interviewer is looking for. Learn how to make sure that your answer is on target.

For interview coaching in Pittsburgh call (412) 478-6785 A job interview is an interactive experience. Preparing for it on your own is like preparing for a play without going to any rehearsals! Prepare to ace the interview by scheduling a coaching session

Job Interview Coaching

Sally Chopping
Public Speaking Coach
3019 Swansea Crescent West
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Phone: 412-478-6785