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Interview tips coachingInterview Skills

Interview tips

Practice makes perfect! Schedule a coaching session so that you can land your dream job. It doesn't matter how great your resume is, if you can't ace the interview.

Prepare for the job interview
Tips to help you prepare for a job interview.

Prepare for the college interview
Tips and practice questions for the college interview.

"Tell me about yourself."
This is the most common thing that is asked in an interview. Learn how to put together a winning reply.

"Why are you the best person for the job?"
Formulate a great answer to this question and convince the interviewer to hire you.

Interview questions for practice
Lists of common interview questions. 

Interview questions for college
Question lists for interview to get into college.

Interview questions for sales people
Lists of interview questions for sales people.

Body language for interviews
Interviews are not just about the words you use! Use this checklist when you rehearse for the interview so that you can get feedback about your body language.

Make a great impression
Tips for establishing rapport with your interviewer.

Interview preparation for sales people
Do your research before interviewing for a job in sales.

"A job interview is an interactive experience. Preparing for it on your own is like acting in a play when you haven't been to any rehearsals."

For interview coaching in Pittsburgh call (412) 478-6785 Practice makes perfect! Schedule a coaching session with Sally Chopping to practice your interviewing techniques.




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