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First Impressions Count
Communication Skills for Teens

First impressions count. Are you making the right one? Is the college interview keeping you awake at night? Do you get tongue tied at the most critical moments? In this world of high technology the simple art of conversation has been put on the back burner and yet it is crucial to ignite your future success. Fire up your thoughts and learn how to think on your feet in any situation and talk your way to the top.

Some workshop topics include:

  • First impressions count. Don't be a zero!

  • Think on your feet. Don't fall on your face!

  • Ace the interview: Have them remember you for all the right reasons

  • Beyond small talk: How to talk to anyone

  • Nerves of steel: Ways to control your fears.

  • The fear of flailing: Take charge of your body language!

The Two Coach Advantage:

In the "First Impressions Count" workshop there will be two coaches and the class size is limited to 15 participants so that you will get plenty of individual attention.

Both coaches are award winning speakers whose training in both public speaking and theater give them a unique approach. They believe that communication involves more than just words and that great body language and voice sound are crucial for creating the right impression. They will use their extensive experience to show you how to ace the interview and communicate effectively in any situation. This is not a dry, dull lecture! Our coaches believe that  people learn best when they are involved, entertained and can see immediate results.

Our Two Coaches:

Sally Chopping

Sally is a professional public speaker whose advice about public speaking has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. She gives workshops for major corporations to help people improve their public speaking skills. Her clients include Toyota, Comcast and FedEx. Sally is from Britain and she was trained in acting at the London Drama Center.

Barb Holmes

Barb has taught public speaking and theater classes for over 33 years at the Winchester Thurston School. She has directed over 70 productions, given private coaching in acting and speech and conducted many workshops and seminars in the Pittsburgh Area.

If you have questions about the "First Impressions Count" workshop: Call Acting For Business at 412-478-6785 or send e-mail to:

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